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Our Biota specifications


Manufacturer Houghton & Coldwell
Chassis number HC1971-1-16L
Build year  1971
Steering  Left
Registration  48-72-RR
Color  Yellow


Horsepower Approx. 90 hp
Maximum rpm 7000 rpm
Top speed 182 km/h at 6500 rpm
Acceleration Unknown


Engine British leyland A -series 12H702E-H13175
Capacity 1380 cc (original 1275 cc)
Bore 73.5 mm
Stroke 81.3 mm
Pistons Hepolite Powermax
Cylinder head  12G940
Rocker cover Aluminium customized
Crankshaft Hardened EN21
Camshaft Minisport 286°
Distribution Duplex chain
Transmission Four forward and one reverse
Gear shift Customized: Floor mounted instead of dashboard mounted
Drive shaft CV joint
Oil pump High capacity, central pick-up pipe
Oil cooler 13-row
Clutch Road/rally (C-AHT595) Orange
Carburettor Single SU HS-6 needle BCE
Fuel pump Electric in-line
Air filter K&N
Inlet Cooper S aluminium
Silencer Custom stainless steel 1 3/4", BMC Parts Holland
Radiator Innocenti 120L
Thermostat Removed and replace by a restrictor
Heating None
Alternator Lucas
Distributor Lucas 43D4 without vacuum unit
Battery  12V/45AH
Distributor Lucas Cooper without vacuum unit
Ignition coil  Lucas Sport DLB105
Spark plugs  NGK BP6ES



Space frame, round & tubular piping, copper and silver welded

Subframe (front) Mini (welded throughout and galvanized)
Body Glass reinforced fiber integrated with space frame and roll-over bar
Length  299 cm
Width 150 cm
Height 104 cm

Braking & Steering:

Master cylinder Cooper S single circuit
Hydraulic hoses  Goodrich Metalflex
Hydraulic ressure regulating valve (front - back)
Front Disc 8.4"
Back Drum


Front Rubber cone & (lowered) Spax gasfilled dampers (adjustable)
Front Lower suspension arms (camber) adjustable, rose jointed
Front Tie-bar (caster) adjustable, hard rubbers
Back Mini bearing arms with Hagon coil over shocks
Wheels Revolution four spoke 5.0 X 13"
Tyres front Pirelli P700-Z 165/55R13 Nankang NS-2 Ultrasport 175/50R13
Tyres back Pirelli P600 185/55R13 Nankang NS-2 Ultrasport 175/50R13


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