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Prescott Hill LTD in Woudenberg imported a total of 4 Biota’s into the Netherlands in 1971: # 15L, 16L, 17L and 18L (L for left hand drive).

Jan Sontrop owned the company and completed the demonstration car #15L. Jan and son René emigrated in 1973 to France and started Atelier Sontrop restoring vintage classic cars such as Bugatti, Rolls Royce and Delage. Ten years later in 1983 René took over the business and still works as a respectable classic car restorer specialized in Jaguar and currently also pre-war classic cars.

The faith of the Biota demonstrator remained unknown until I was contacted in 2020 by a garage in The Netherlands via our website if I knew anyone who would be interested in buying a Biota. It turned out to be the "Prescot Hill" Biota demonstrator. Long story short: René Sontrop purchased his former fathers Biota demonstrator and restored it profesionally to a high standard.

In September 2021 my wife and I visited René and his wife and received a warm welcome.

Instead of a 1 hour drop by it became a wonderful full afternoon visit including lunch full of car showing and lots of petrol talk.

Original status

In front of Prescott Hill LTD garage

In front of Belgian garage for show

Courtesy René Sontrop

Before restoration

In a sorrow state in dire need of some TLC (tender loving care)

After restoration

1275GT bored to 1293 cc

Temporary registration

Courtesy René Sontrop