Beautiful, ugly or pure fun ?

Our Biota - Upgrades

The 2021 kill switch upgrade (including 12 Volt/USB port)

The 2021 silencer upgrade (smaller, less weight more sound)



Obvious: Lef side old silencer, right side new silencer

The 2020 oil catch can implementation

Oil catch can (AliExpress)

Valve rocker cover inlet (home made)

Complete setup

The 2020 new side mirrors

Original Vitaloni Califonia

The 2018 top cover

Car interior

Cover straps attached

Top cover placed

The 2018 frame repair

Cracked frame right front suspension mount


Cracked frame underside

Cracked frame after paint removal

Frame with  additional 4mm insert and overlay frame tubing


Frame after welding and partial polishing


Repaired frame after polishing painting and re-assembly


 The 2017 safety upgrade

Original bonnet and sub-bonnet

Sub-bonnet secured by hood pin.

 The 2017 cosmetic upgrades

Original left side rear view mirror


New left side rear view mirror


New right side rear view mirror


Re-manufactured side badge

Re-manufactured badge placed on a stainless steel oval backing to cover the previous gas tank inlet

New 10 cm wide rear view mirror replacing the previous 20cm wide rear view mirror which was blocking part of the forward view.


The 2017 upgrade of the cooling system

Old coolant tubing



Old waterpump



New QSP silicon tubing from "The Autosport Company" and the high output pump from "Mini Spares"


The 2016 upgrade with a disposable fire extinguisher

Installed "Fireater" extinguisher from Pro-Racing

The 2015/2016 upgrade with two new seats

Original seat assembly

New support bars for seats


Installed seats from Intatrim

The 2014/2015 upgrade with a new and better fitting petrol tank is completed

Original Mini petrol tank


Empty boot


Home made tank support frame


         Support frame mounted               New fuel tank from OBP Motorsport            Assembly with fuel tank


  Rear deck after relocation fuel cap         Rear deck after after spray paint                   Monza fuel cap from